Welcome to Makerslide South Africa (part of the Fatbob Technologies group). All over the world hobbyist are turning to makerslide extrusions to solve their linear motion needs. Makerslide has always been an expensive option for South Africans with an expensive product needing import (shipment and customs duties)

Well, we at FatBob decided to change that, now we are the proud owners of the only die for makerslide manufacture on the African continent enabling us to make Makerslides available In Gauteng (and yes - we'll ship anywhere country wide) Our price per meter is about half of what you'll pay for imports (before you even paid for shipment or customs)

We opened shop November 2015 and have been busy ever since.

While our core business at this stage is the supply of makerslide extrusions we also offer the following hardware that you might need for your custom build:

- T-Slots Aluminium (30x30mm)
- Slot 8\Slot 6 sliding nuts (for use with T-Slot and makerslide extrusions)
- Delrin V-Wheels
- Delrin Smooth Idler wheels
- Solid V-Wheels
- Mini V-Wheels
- Eccentric Spacers (supplied with Delrin Wheels)
- Assorted brackets for assembly and motor mounts
- GT2 Gears and belts
- 1/4" and 1/8" End Mills and Ball nose router bits
- 6,35mm and 10mm aluminium spacers

Please click through to our Products page for more details on our offerings

In addition to this we offer a complete CNC Machine for R13500 (R16000 if you prefer to add a Router)

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